Thoughts on “Power” Season 4

Thoughts on “Power” Season 4

If you’re not watching “Power,” then I don’t know what you’re doing with your life on Sundays.Power” is one of my favorite dramas on cable TV right now. The acting is superb, the plot lines are unpredictable and explosive, and the pacing of the show is perfect—not too fast or too slow. Since we’re only two episodes into season 4, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the characters and a few theories on what I think will happen this season. Of course there are spoilers all up and through this post, so if you haven’t already watched episode 1 and 2, you should stop reading here.

I have no sympathy for Ghost.

Ghost | Power Season 4 Recap | An'Drea E HallGhost | Power Season 4 Recap | An'Drea E Hall

In the season premiere, “When I Get Out,” we see that Angela—Ghost’s sidepiece who also happens to be a federal prosecutor—got him booked on a first-degree murder charge for the killing of Special Agent Greg Knox—her coworker and ex-boyfriend. We know that Ghost didn’t kill Knox (Angela’s boss, Mike Sandoval, did), but because Ghost got sloppy and made the fatal mistake of leaving his fingerprints on Knox’s window when he broke into his apartment last season, the Feds now have hard evidence that could get him the death penalty if he’s found guilty.

Ghost may be polished in both dress and speech, equally book smart and street savvy, charming, and good at laying the D down, but even so, I’m still not part of the #FreeGhost fan club. I don’t feel sorry for Ghost being falsely accused of killing Agent Knox. First of all, he’s killed at least a dozen people, if not more, over the last three seasons, which makes him a serial killer. Second, Ghost is too self-absorbed and was in dire need of a reality check. The way I see it, being accused of a crime he didn’t commit and arrested by his mistress in front of hundreds of patrons at his club is him getting some much-deserved karma. And while this sucks for Tasha and the kids, it’s a teachable, humbling moment for Ghost nonetheless and it needed to happen because up until this season, he’s acted as if he was invincible and smarter than everyone else in the room. 

Now with Ghost being the nucleus of this show, I doubt he’ll be behind bars this entire season and my gut tells me that Angela’s simp ass will soften up and mastermind a plan to rescue him. My hunch is that Angela will figure out that her boss killed Knox and when she does, she’ll come up with a way to sink the case and Ghost will walk.

Angela must die—or at least suffer.

Angela Valdes | Power Season 4 Recap | An'Drea E Hall Angela and Tasha | Power Season 4 Recap | An'Drea E. Hall

I’ve despised Angela Valdes since season 1 and my disdain for her has intensified with each season. Angie is a self-righteous sidepiece who thinks her shit don’t stank. This is a woman who abandoned all decency, morality, and logical thinking to carry on an affair with a married drug dealer because he was her first love. Then, when he dumped her to go back to his wife and family, she was salty and found a way to exact revenge against him. 

I’m sure most viewers initially thought it was cute seeing Ghost and Angie stroll down memory lane in earlier seasons of the show, but when Angie found out that Ghost was a drug dealer and married with kids and she continued sleeping with him, she lost respect and likability as a character. It’s one thing to exercise poor judgement and make bad decisions in one’s personal life, but Angela doesn’t even get it right in her professional life. As an Assistant United States Attorney, she constantly compromises her team and her own job by bending and breaking the rules when she sees fit. Although she arrested Ghost for the murder of Agent Knox, she’s not allowed to prosecute the case because she was smashing both the defendant (Ghost) and the victim (Knox)—a fact that her male colleagues are quick to remind her of every chance they get. And still, her flat ass walks around acting like she’s above everyone. Ma’am, need we remind you that you are a mistress and have zero credibility or integrity as a federal prosecutor? Have several seats. 

Somebody seriously needs to knock Angela off her high horse and that somebody should be Tasha. Angela is long overdue for a good ol’ fashion dragging from Tasha…you know, for the culture.

Tasha is holding it down like Black women always do.

Tasha St Patrick | Power Season 4 Recap | An'Drea E Hall Tasha | Power Season 4 Recap | An'Drea E Hall

Tasha and Ghost are still married even though Ghost filed for separation at the end of last season to be with Angie. Seeing Tasha hold Ghost down while he’s in prison irritates my soul because it reveals how awful men can be to us and yet we still show up for their crusty asses knowing that level of loyalty would never be reciprocated if the shoe were on the other foot. Ghost has hurt Tasha repeatedly and he has never apologized to her for any of his indiscretions. I mean, this is an audacious ass Negro who had his wife texting his sidepiece for him while he was out killing his drug connect and then when he returned to the hotel after the kill, he had the nerve to call Angie (aka the sidepiece) and say “I love you” while standing in front of Tasha. Does it get any more disrespectful and hurtful than that?!

I get it, though. Ghost is the father of her children, they got married young and built a life together, and it’s in Tasha’s best interest to hold Ghost down because she’s been an accomplice in many of his crimes. Knowing all that, I still feel like Tasha will never get a leg up in life because she’ll always be weighed down by Ghost’s baggage. In a sense, she’s stuck with him and Ghost intended for it to be exactly that way—to tie Tasha’s hands so that she could never leave him on her own terms. 

With Ghost locked up and facing the death penalty, Tasha is now left to keep it together and hold down the family. First, she has to deal with the kidnapping/ransoming of her son and she can’t loop Ghost in on it because Proctor (Ghost’s lawyer) told her not to. Then, their penthouse gets raided and trashed by the Feds after Angela barged in and served a federal search warrant. Later, when Tasha is trying to scrape up $2 million in clean money for Ghost’s bail, she finds out that Ghost has wiped all of their savings out for his own selfish gains and left her with nothing except a promissory note to return the money.

Shame on it all. 

I really hope that Tasha has better days ahead because she’s been through entirely too much shit with Ghost. And better days should start with Tasha getting a better lace frontal because that dark brown one she’s been rocking for the past three seasons belongs in the trash. I can’t take it anymore! 

Tommy and Keisha cannot be together.

Tommy and Keisha Sex | Power Season 4 Recap | An'Drea E HallTommy and Keisha Sex | Power Season 4 Recap | An'Drea E Hall

Tommy may have a reputation as a crazy, trigger-happy white boy who shoots first and asks questions later, but I couldn’t imagine him killing Keisha because she’s Tasha’s best friend and he cares too much about Tasha to do that. So yeah, I knew Keisha wasn’t dead.

In the premiere episode, we get confirmation that Keisha is indeed alive and that Tommy’s the reason why (he’s been keeping her stashed away in a basement or a warehouse of some sort). Based on how Tommy and Keisha kept looking at each other and how Tommy kept reassuring her that he would keep her safe, I instantly noticed the sexual tension brewing between them. In the second episode, my suspicions proved to be true. Honestly, I didn’t know Tommy had an appetite for black meat, but maybe he was just feeling extra horny and Keisha was looking extra ready that night? (Side note: Did you peep how Keisha came to the door with a full face of makeup on, weave down, dressed in what appeared to be a Fashion Nova dress? Who’s at home chilling like that? Girl, stop.) Anyway…with Holly permanently out of the picture and Keisha’s kid away at his cousin’s house, Tommy and Keisha wasted no time getting it in right on top of Keisha’s kitchen counter.

Raise your hand if you didn’t see that coming. 

I would like to go on record as one of the first to say that Tommy and Keisha being together is a bad idea and nothing good will come from this. Tommy’s still mourning the loss of Holly and his unborn child (which he found out about after he killed Holly with his bare hands) and he’s obviously using Keisha as a distraction because she’s available and feels familiar. Not only that, but Tommy’s trying to solidify his spot in the drug empire as the new connect and make sure his soldiers are in place while his (former?) best friend/business partner is in prison, so he’s not exactly focused on building anything real with anyone. Furthermore, he recognizes that Keisha is useful to his drug business because he can keep fronting his dirty money through her legitimate hair salon business. Meanwhile, Keisha is just so lost in the sauce and wants a man—any man—to show her some love and attention that she’s burning herself and her business in the process by sleeping with Tommy.  

I would also like to note that in the past Keisha has come off as ride-or-die for Tasha but jealous of Tasha’s lifestyle at the same time, so it wasn’t exactly shocking when Keisha told Tommy that Tasha was sleeping with Shawn behind Ghost’s back. I can’t call it, but I find some parts of Keisha and Tasha’s friendship to be shady and real grimy. I bet that things will get grimier and possibly deadly if Tasha finds out that her bestie is busting it wide open on kitchen counters for Tommy.

Tariq needs a time-out.

Tariq | Power Season 4 | An'Drea E HallKanan | Power Season 4 | An'Drea E Hall

Truthfully, I’m bored by the Slim/Kanan/Tariq storyline; it’s getting stale and should’ve ended with the ransom. And yet, the writers keep pushing it. Anyways…when it comes to Tariq, I should probably have more sympathy for the boy than I do, but I can’t give him a pass on his bad, gullible behavior in the name of “he’s just being a kid” because much of what he’s doing is plain stupid. Tariq needs to be reigned in ASAP because his black ass has been out of order since last season. Evidently therapy ain’t helping this kid process through the apparent abandonment and anger issues that he has with his father because he’s been popping off at the mouth, lying about his friends and whereabouts, breaking and entering, and sipping lean. Somebody needs to snatch Tariq up and get him together before it’s too late. As for Kanan, I’m almost certain that Tommy or Tasha will murk him as soon as they realize he’s still alive and has been turning Tariq again his family.

Tony Teresi is Tommy’s father.

Tony Teresi | Power Season 4 Recap | An'Drea E Hall

Last thought: I think Tony Teresi, the old white dude who’s in the same prison as Ghost, will be revealed as Tommy’s father. Remember how uptight Tony got when his wife, who’s dying from cancer or something, told him that she wishes she could’ve given him a kid because then at least she would have someone to take care of her? Tony was visibly bothered by his wife’s comment and it’s probably because he knows that he has a kid but it’s not with his wife, which means he was either cheating on his wife back in the day and knocked up Kate (Tommy’s crazy, crackhead mother), or he abandoned Kate after she got pregnant. Also, remember how Tony perked up and started asking more questions about Tommy when his lawyer told him that Ghost’s business partner was a guy named Thomas Egan from Queens? Without a doubt, there’s a connection between Tony and Tommy and I can’t wait to find out what it is!

What are your thoughts about the first two episodes of “Power”? Any predictions about what might happen with Ghost’s case? Do you think Ghost will flip on Tommy to save himself? Do you think Tony is Tommy’s father? What do you think about Tommy and Keisha’s new relationship?

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  1. Monday, July 10, 2017 / 9:34 am

    Lol…I am that one person you talked about in the beginning of this post, lol. I do not watch this show at all. Actually, I been telling people I’m going to binge watch and catch up and I never do, smh.. I hear it’s a very good show and your recap was a treat to read and kind of piqued my interest to watch…..maybe, lol.

    • Sunday, July 16, 2017 / 2:35 pm

      Yes, Bobbie, you must get into it! You will not regret it.

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