Monthly To-Do List: February

Monthly To-Do List: February

I know what you’re thinking: February is halfway over and you’re just now publishing a to-do list? You’re right. We are halfway through the month. Nevertheless, I wanted to get up a list of stuff that I need to do before February is behind us. So, let’s begin by reviewing last month’s goals and then jump straight into February’s to-do list.

Sort out my healthcare situation

Done! I called the HR department and an HR rep helped me figure out which benefits package would be suitable for my budget and healthcare needs. Thank God this was on my monthly to-do list because I actually signed up on the last day that I would’ve been able to enroll.

Read a book

Nope! Well, almost. Except almost doesn’t count. Reading during lunch breaks and commutes back and forth to work turned out to be a total fail. There were days when I left the book at home. Other days I had the book with me but didn’t think about it until I got home. Then, there were the instances when I’d pull the book out and start reading but couldn’t read past a few paragraphs because I got distracted by all the noise around me. On the upside, I have a little over 40 pages of “Between the World and Me” left to read, which means that over the course of the month I read about 80 or so pages. See? Almost.

Take supplements every day

Done! I created a basic supplement tracker in the Notes app of my phone and tracked each day that I took supplements and I’m proud to say that I took them every day in January—including weekends! I’m considering putting up a separate post on the benefits I saw from taking supplements each day, so keep an eye out for that if you’re interested. This is definitely a habit that I’m going to attempt to take on for the rest of the year.

Update my music library

I’m over my entire Apple Music library. Beyond over it actually. At this point, I’d much rather listen to the random chatter of fellow commuters on public transit than listen to the songs on my phone. Considering that I pay $9.99 a month for Apple Music, I need to get my money’s worth. So, the plan is to use Pandora and Spotify playlists to rediscover songs that I once loved, download my favorites, and revamp my music catalog.

Get serious about social media

It seems that the more I work, the less time I have to snap moments of my day, to tweet about the random thoughts swirling in my head, and to post pics to Instagram. This month, I plan to be more diligent about using social media and being consistently present on the social media platforms that I enjoy the most (namely, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram).

Get out on the weekend

I usually spend weekends makeup-free, dressed in leggings and raggedy t-shirts, posted in front my MacBook. In part, because I’m wholly accepting of the fact that I’m a homebody by nature. Also, because my budget doesn’t really allow for weekend outings right now, so I’d rather just stay home and save a coin or two. This month, though, I want to get out and do something at least one day of the weekend. Nothing too crazy or lavish. I’m thinking an entire Sunday at Panera? We’ll see.

What about you—what’s on your agenda for February? Tell me in the comments.

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  1. Monday, February 13, 2017 / 9:05 am

    I need to make monthly to do lists as well. I am struggling with social media. My blog is really a fashion blog but I hadn’t had a desire to really post OOTD looks recently. I think years of photographing date night looks etc has taken it’s toll and now I just wanna enjoy date night with no pics being taken but by the same token I don’t wanna quit blogging. I gotta get it together. I also need to learn to take full body mirror selfies. Yes I’m way behind the times lolll

    • Monday, February 13, 2017 / 10:49 am

      Monthly to-do lists are amazing! They’re keeping me on track, for sure. As far as your blog, I say start slowly integrating other types of content if you’re bored with what you’ve been doing. Based on your Instagram, you enjoy doing your makeup (beauty tutorials and product reviews); you cook quite a bit (cooking tutorials, how to shop for food, how to keep for more than one person); and you read a lot (book reviews, tips on how to read faster/more, etc.). There’s ton of ways to find ways to reignite your flame for blogging. 🙂

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