Concrete Grey Nails

Concrete Grey Nails

Lately, I just haven’t been in the mood to be bothered with nail polish. I swear, no matter how expensive the polish is or what grand promises are plastered across the bottle (ultra fast drying-no chipping-no peeling!), the main is smudged an hour after polishing them and the paint chips within a day or two. It’s frustrating to be honest, which is exactly why I’ve been going bare-nailed for the past couple of months. So, I have no idea what came over me the other night when I pulled out my basket of polishes and started going to town on my nails.

This time, I went with a nail polish from H&M’s beauty line called, Mushroom. The color could best be described as concrete grey, even though its given name is also fairly accurate. It’s actually boring on the nails and doesn’t do anything especially flattering for my complexion, but I’m fond of its subtlety. It could easily be taken up a notch with a sprinkling of glitter on the tips or something fancy like that, but I kept it simple this time around. In terms of formula, the polish is good considering it retails for $5.99 (it’s on sale online right now for $3.99!). It doesn’t go on streaky and honestly, one layer does it, but I always do two coats to be on the safe side. It goes on thick and opaque.

Grey Nails | An'Drea E Hall

Another good thing about this polish is its brush: it’s tailored to go across an average-sized nail bed evenly without causing any lumps or bumps, particularly if you’ve done a thorough job of filing and buffing your nail beds prior to the painting process. I also have to give kudos to this polish on its relatively speedy drying time. After applying two coats of polish, I waited five minutes and then topped it with a clear topcoat to create a glossy finish. I got into bed for the night and was knocked out within 10 minutes. When I woke up the next morning and inspected my nails, I noticed that the polish hadn’t smudged or otherwise ruined during my restful slumber, and I have to say that I was thoroughly surprised.

And finally, the last good thing I’ll say about this polish is that it wears well. I’ve had it on for a full week and it’s just beginning to chip. Given that I’m always manically tapping away at my MacBook and texting, I’m shocked the chipping hadn’t started sooner. All in all, this is a fab albeit boring color if you’re looking for a neutral nail polish to quickly throw on and walk out the door.


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  1. Friday, December 30, 2016 / 10:30 pm

    This is a cute color. I don’t buy nail polish, most of my polish comes from beauty subscriptions I am subscribed to and normally on used on my toes when I think of grabbing a color while heading to get a mani/pedi. However, 9/10 I’m usually leaving out of there with clear polish on my nails. I need quick drying without feeling helpless in the process….lol.

    • Sunday, January 1, 2017 / 2:00 pm

      Thanks, Bobbie! You know, I’ve never subscribed to a beauty subscription service. I’ve seen you unbox yours on Snapchat and they look tempting, but they’re not in the budget right now for me. Sometimes I put on a couple coats of clear nail polish too just so my nails don’t look too raggedy. I have to get better about keeping my toes done because those things be looking a hot mess during the winter months, LOL!

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