Hey there. My name is An’Drea (pronounced as ann-dree-uh)I’m a twenty-something millennial, personal lifestyle blogger, feminist, mental health advocate, coffee addict, marble print enthusiast, stationary collector, and iPhone photographer based in Chicago.

My personality can be best described as around-the-way girl with a splash of bourgeoisie. I prefer coffee (with lots of hazelnut creamer) to tea; trashy reality TV to documentaries; intellectual dialogue to mindless small talk; matte lipstick to lip gloss; flats to heels; Target to Walmart; jeans to dresses; and autumn to summer.

My professional experience spans across various industries, including higher education (I was a teaching assistant and independent researcher in college), social services (I worked at a group home for adolescent girls with mental health disorders for a year after college), as well as digital publishing (I once ran a celebrity gossip blog, served as a staff writer at Brown Girl Bloggers, and even co-wrote and published an e-book on how to build a blog from scratch using WordPress). Right now, I’m transitioning from social services/mental health counseling into the corporate world. These days, I’m in an admin role at a really big global marketing and communications company.

When I’m not at my day job or creating content for this blog, I can be found indulging in an adult nap, spending money at Target, posting to Snapchat, reading my favorite blogs, making to-do lists, or perfecting my iPhone photography skills.


In short, this is a personal lifestyle blog. This means I only write about things that I have a personal interest in or things that I have personally experienced and nothing in between. This is to ensure that the content published on this site is 100% real and transparent.

The aim of my writing is to bring the spirit of authenticity and the art of storytelling back to the forefront of blogging. So no, I’m not here to inspire you to live your best life, or to teach you how to monetize your blog, or how to balance it all, or even how to wear the latest fashion trend 12 different ways.

I created this space to publicly document the stuff I find myself up against as a twenty-something trying to make sense of the world around me while also trying to figure out who I am and what I stand for (and against). As selfish as that sounds, it’s the truth. As a millennial, I have tons of concerns, doubts, and questions, but I also have a lot of opinions and feelings. So, this is the place online where I come to sort through my truest feelings, thoughts, and opinions and to share my experiences.

Sometimes, the tone of my writing will be sarcastic. Other times, the posts published here will be light-hearted and witty. There will also be the occasional post wherein I tackle more serious, taboo topics. But, no matter what the topic is, know that my posts are always written from an authentic place.